Analyzing the Attitudes That Have Shaped U.S. Cities

The first writing sample is an essay I wrote for a course on the history of planning at USC. In it, I respond to a reading by landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted. This reading–which Olmsted penned in 1870–discusses the growth of U.S. cities, their problems, and what can be done about them. I analyze his argument and relate it to later developments in U.S. cities.

E-Commerce and Transportation

In this paper, I examine the impacts of e-commerce on transportation patterns. What sectors has it disrupted, where are brick-and-mortar stores holding their own, and what is the net impact of these changes on how much we travel and by what mode?

Mapping Gentrification in Dallas, TX

This second writing sample shows how I dealt with a data analysis challenge. Writing for a course at USC on ArcGIS, I explored the issue of gentrification in Dallas, TX through mapping. In the paper, I describe the data I used, my analytical methods, present maps showing population shifts in the city, draw conclusions, and briefly discuss the limitations of my project. 

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